Why we’re not increasing our prices because of COVID-19

You might have noticed other businesses mention they’re increasing their prices to cover the extra time required to sanitise after clients or to cover the cost of PPE, and while it’s everyone’s decision how to best move forward after months of closure, we wanted to tell you why we’re bucking the trend. 


Ideally, you should have your own mask. It’s not only environmentally friendly, but they look a damn sight better than the disposable one’s we can provide. Don’t worry though, we have them on hand if you forget or if you’re having a colour service. 

As for our gowns and towels, we’ve taken the decision to have our gowns collected every day and laundered at a temperature that kills off all bacteria (or viruses) and assures your safety. There will be no repeat use of towels or gowns and these are returned back to us freshly cleaned each day. We looked at disposable options, but for us, sustainability is something so close to our hearts and we want to do as much as we can in an environmentally conscious way. 


We have increased the size of our salon and could have taken in more staff, but we’ve chosen to keep our team at its current capacity because this guarantees that we can socially distance all of our clients without the need for additional screens, ensuring the safety of everyone in the salon but also making your visit feel as close to normal as it possible can during this time. 


We have increased our cleaning measures in the salon – but let’s face it, hair salons and beauty parlours are some of the cleanest places you can visit, our hygiene standards are second to none. We have installed our sanitisation station at our entrance, which is a fully plumbed and functioning sink – with a bright pink tap, and every room or business you enter within the building will have additional hand sanitising stations. 

We don’t believe that the increase in cleaning, purchasing of PPE and sanitiser or even the additional time we need between appointments is yours to pay and that is why we’ve made the decision to keep all of our prices the same. Don’t get us wrong, that might change (we’ll be reviewing it in a few months in line with government guidelines) but right now we’re providing the same great service, at the same price. 

Amy & Donna
(Salon Owners)